New SAT考試技巧與知識分享


New SAT考試技巧與知識分享

New SAT閱讀高分的五大密技










SAT Reading vs. TOEFL Reading

Many international students looking to attend college in the United States will spend time preparing for TOEFL and the SAT. While both tests have a reading section designed to test students’ comprehension of long passages, in fact the content of the tests is very different.....<更多>

Preparing for SAT reading

The SAT reading test is a challenge, even for experienced readers of English. There will always be unfamiliar language and vocabulary used in literary passages, no matter how much studying a student has done in the past.....<更多>

Elite's SAT class experience

Looking at the schedule of SAT summer classes, it may seem like just 4 weeks of endless lectures on English and Math. While it’s true that most of the week is spent in the classroom, it would be unfair to say such an experience will ruin your summer vacation.....<更多>

SAT Grammar: Understand Grammar to Understand Structure

When preparing for a test it is easy to get caught up in a test-only mentality, and that can mislead students into a false sense of security regarding their overall language skills. Regardless of whether the examinee is a second-language speaker of English, or even a native speaker, the fact of the matter is that a lot of the questions, and indeed entire sections of the test, are all to do with understanding and manipulating sentence structure.....<更多>

What are your Strengths and Weaknesses in taking SAT?

All tests can appear to be quite daunting when you first sit down and think about what you are going to have to do to get the score that you need to achieve your future goals. The SAT Test is no different in that it is made up of several different parts that are all formidable challenges individually on their own, but even more so when combined into the single comprehensive test that it is in its current form.....<更多>

SAT Essay Tips: Writing Better for Better Writing

Writing is one of those skills that does not come naturally to most people, for the simple reason that it is not a normal everyday requirement to write regularly or at length in today’s society of short message communication.....<更多>

How to Improve Your SAT Reading and Writing

When writing, you need to connect the ideas between sentences coherently and cohesively. This can be achieved by using appropriate pronouns and transitions. Please make sure you use the right transitions to connect the flow of the ideas.....<更多>

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