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How to Improve Your SAT Reading and Writing

Coherence and cohesiveness

When writing, you need to connect the ideas between sentences coherently and cohesively. This can be achieved by using appropriate pronouns and transitions. Please make sure you use the right transitions to connect the flow of the ideas.

One mistake that students make is that when they are providing examples or stories, they fail to connect them to the arguments they make, since they are too carried away with presenting interesting knowledge of their own. Please make sure that the stories and examples used are relevant enough to demonstrate the cohesiveness of the essay.

Another problem about using examples is that students sometimes simply present them without talking about why these examples matter, that is, how they are connected to the arguments made. Therefore, don’t just present examples or stories. Please also talk about their significance.

Read and Write

It is important that you read to write. Please spend some time reading both good essays and bad essays, and trying to understand why they are rated highly and poorly. It is through consciously analyzing these essays that you are more likely to compose a good, if not the best, essay.

Lastly, write! You will only understand the weaknesses of your writing skills by actually writing a piece. You can spend some time working with your friends to generate ideas. After finishing the essay, you may want to peer review with your friends. Together, you will have more ideas on the appropriate format of the essay, the development of your ideas, and perhaps more interesting ways to generate knowledge.

Remember writing is a process that involves producing, generating, and presenting knowledge. You need clear guidance, training, and practice to do so. So start reading and writing!

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